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List of war films and TV specials

Arab–Israeli conflict (1948-present)

American Civil War (1861–1865)

American Indian Wars

American Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Ancient Greece
 (1100 BC-146 BC)

Anglo-Saxon invasion of England

Cold War (1945-1991)

(Also see Cold War films)

Colonial conflicts in Northern Africa

Continuation War

Crusades (1095-1272)

English Civil War

Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)

  • Champ d’honneur (Field of Honor) (1987)

French Revolutionary Wars

  • Hornblower (1998 – 2003 TV series), first four episodes (The DuelThe Fire ShipsThe Duchess and the DevilThe Wrong War)
  • Napoleon (2002) (TV mini-series), early half of first episode showing Napoleon’s first Italian campaign and the Battle of Arcole
  • Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story (1987) (TV mini-series), early segment of miniseries showing Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign

Great Northern War

  • Sluga Gosudarev (The Sovereign’s Servant) (2007) (СЛУГА ГОСУДАРЕВ in Russia)

Greco-Turkish War

Gulf War

(Also see Gulf War films)

Hundred Years’ War

Hussite Wars

Vietnam War (1959-1975)

(Also see Vietnam War films)

Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989)


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