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List of World War II films


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1990 Australia Blood Oath Stephen Wallace Japanese war crimes trial for the The Laha massacre
1990 France Docteur Pétiot Christian de Chalonge Serial killer Marcel Pétiot in Occupied France
1990 Germany Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland A Jewish boy, concealing his identity, joins the Hitler Youth
1990 Sweden Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg Kjell Grede Story of Raoul Wallenberg
1990 United States Memphis Belle Michael Caton-Jones Story of the B-17 bomber called the Memphis Belle
1991 Italy Mediterraneo Gabriele Salvatores Italian soldiers on Greek island
1992 United States A Midnight Clear Keith Gordon Western Front
1993 Estonia
Saatana pisar Marek Piestrak NKVD actions in Estonia and Poland, 1939.
1993 Romania Oglinda Sergiu Nicolaescu Downfall of Ion Antonescu
1993 United States Schindler’s List Steven Spielberg The story of Oskar Schindler, who saves about 1100 Jews from The Holocaust
1993 Germany Stalingrad Joseph Vilsmaier The Battle of Stalingrad
1995 China Don’t Cry, Nanking Wu Ziniu Nanking Massacre
1995 Canada
Hiroshima Roger Spottiswoode Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima
1995 United States The Tuskegee Airmen Robert Markowitz The story of the first African-American pilots
1995 China Red Cherry Ye Ying Boarding school children in German-occupied Soviet Union
1995 United States Sahara Brian Trenchard-Smith Western Desert Campaign
1995 Yugoslavia Underground Emir Kusturica German invasion and occupation of Yugoslavia
1996 United Kingdom The Brylcreem Boys Terence Ryan British and German pilots interned in neutral Ireland
1996 United Kingdom
United States
The English Patient Anthony Minghella Tobruk
1996 United States Mother Night Keith Gordon
1996 United Kingdom Over Here (TV) Tony Dow Rivalry between British and American aircrews in England
1996 Thailand Sunset at Chaophraya Euthana Mukdasanit Japanese occupation of Thailand; the Free Thai Movement
1997 France Lucie Aubrac Claude Berri The story of Lucie and Raymond Aubrac, resistants on Occupied France
1997 United Kingdom The Land Girls David Leland Women’s Land Army
1997 Italy La Vita é Bella Roberto Benigni The Holocaust
1997 Australia
United States
Paradise Road Bruce Beresford British women POW’s in Sumatra
1998 Japan Pride Shunya Ito A depiction of Tojo Hideki during The Tokyo Trials
1998 Canada
United States
The Thin Red Line Terrence Malick Guadalcanal campaign
1998 United States Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg Landing at Omaha Beach and the fighting inland
1998 United States When Trumpets Fade (TV) John Irvin The Battle of Huertgen Forest
1999 United States Jakob the Liar Peter Kassovitz Jewish ghetto
1999 Russia
Moloch Aleksandr Sokurov A visit of Adolf Hitler to the Berghof
1999 Finland
Ambush Olli Saarela The Continuation War
1999 Croatia Četverored Branko Schmidt The Bleiburg massacre
1999 Germany Aimée & Jaguar Max Färberböck While the Gestapo purge Berlin of the Jews, a heart-wrenching love affair blooms between two women (see: Felice Schragenheim & Lilly Wust).


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
2000 China Devils on the Doorstep Jiang Wen Second Sino-Japanese War.
2000 Italy Johnny the Partisan Guido Chiesa Partisan warfare in Northern Italy.
2000 Malaysia Leftenan Adnan Aziz M. Osman Story of Adnan Bin Saidi & the Battle of Pasir Panjang.
2000 United States U-571 Jonathan Mostow American submariners disguised as Nazis infiltrate a German U-boat with orders to capture anEnigma machine that could turn the tide of the war.
2001 United Kingdom
United States
Enigma Michael Apted Enigma machine mystery.
2001 United Kingdom
United States
Band of Brothers (TV) Steven Spielberg The story of a company in the 101st Airborne Division (Easy Company) from the Battle of Normandy to Holland, Belgium, & Germany.
2001 United Kingdom
United States
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin John Madden Italian occupation of the Greek islands.
2001 United Kingdom
Charlotte Gray Gillian Armstrong Special Operations Executive.
2001 United Kingdom
United States
Conspiracy (TV) Frank Pierson In 1942, 15 German officials attend a conference in Wannsee headed by SS Chief of SecurityReinhard Heydrich to discuss the Final Solution to the Jewish question.
2001 Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Dark Blue World Jan Sverák Czechoslovakian pilots who participated in the Battle of Britain.
2001 United States[citation needed]
Germany[citation needed]
United Kingdom
Ireland[citation needed]
Enemy at the Gates Jean-Jacques Annaud Stand-off between two opposing snipers during the Battle of Stalingrad.
2001 United States Pearl Harbor Michael Bay The Attack on Pearl Harbor & the Doolittle Raid.
2001 United States
To End All Wars David L. Cunningham The Burma Railway.
2001 United States Uprising (TV) Jon Avnet The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
2002 United States Return to Never Land Robin Budd
Donovan Cook
The Blitz.
2002 France
Amen Costa-Gavras Alleged collusion between Nazis & the Roman Catholic Church.
2002 United Kingdom Two Men Went to War John Henderson Based on true story about an amateur commando raid into occupied France.
2002 United States Hart’s War Gregory Hoblit Battle of the Bulge.
2002 France
Laissez passer (aka “Safe Conduct) Bertrand Tavernier France under German occupation.
2002 France Monsieur Batignole Gérard Jugnot A butcher hides & protects a Jewish boy in Occupied France during World War II.
2002 France
United Kingdom
The Pianist Roman Polanski The story of Władysław Szpilman.
2002 Russia Zvezda Nikolai Lebedev A group of Soviet scouts working behind enemy lines during Operation Bagration.
2002 Italy El Alamein (film) Enzo Monteleone Second Battle of El Alamein.
2002 United States Windtalkers John Woo Battle of Saipan.
2003 United Kingdom Entrusted Giacomo Battiato Thomas Von Gall, an 11 year-old chest prodigy & son of a mother working with the underground resistance, is entrusted with a precious secret that will save the lives of many.
2003 Germany
Rosenstrasse Margarethe von Trotta Jewish husbands of Aryan women detained in Berlin.
2003 France Bon Voyage Jean-Paul Rappeneau France under German occupation.
2003 Czech Republic Zelary Ondrej Trojan Two Czechoslovakian resistance fighters are forced into hiding when their group is discovered by the Nazis.
2004 Croatia Long Dark Night Antun Vrdoljak Croatia under fascism & communism.
2004 Estonia Surnupealuu sõdurid Anne-Mari Neider Documentary about the defending of Estonia in 1944.
2004 Germany
Der Untergang Oliver Hirschbiegel Last days of Adolf Hitler in the Führerbunker during the Battle of Berlin.
2004 Germany Napola (aka “Before the Fall) Dennis Gansel The story of two young graduates of the Hitler Youth who form an unsuspecting bond while attending one of the Reich’s National-Political institutions at the peak of World War II.
2004 China Purple Butterfly Lou Ye Espionage warfare in occupied Shanghai.
2004 United States Saints and Soldiers Ryan Little Survivors of the Malmedy massacre during the Ardennes Offensive.
2004 United States Ike: Countdown to D-Day Robert Harmon The organization & planning of Operation Overlord from the viewpoint of the Supreme Allied Command at SHAEF.
2004 Germany Stauffenberg (TV) Jo Baier Plot to assassinate Hitler during World War II.
2004 Germany Der Neunte Tag (aka “The Ninth Day) Volker Schlöndorff An SS Lieutenant tries to coerce a Catholic Priest (Father Abbé Henri Kremer) into writing a letter to the Vatican on behalf of the Church of Luxemburg demanding that the Pope support Hitler &theNazi regime.
2005 United Kingdom The Last Drop David Teague Operation Market Garden & a secret mission by British forces to steal Nazi gold.
2005 Japan Lorelei Shinji Higuchi Cellin Gluck Japanese experimental submarine attempts to prevent atomic bombing of Tokyo.
2005 China On the Mountain of Tai Hang Chen Jian, Shen Dong, Wei Lian Campaigns of the Eighth Route Army in China.
2005 United States Only the Brave Lane Nishikawa Rescue of the Lost Battalion by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
2005 Russia
The Sun Aleksandr Sokurov Life of emperor Hirohito.
2005 Germany Sophie Scholl: Die Letzten Tage(aka “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days) Marc Rothemund The final days & trial of Sophie Scholl, member of the White Rose.
2005 United States
The Great Raid John Dahl Japanese occupation of the Philippines & the Raid at Cabanatuan.
2005 India Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero Shyam Benegal The story of Subash Chandra Bose & the Indian National Army.
2005 Japan Yamato Junya Sato The story of Yamato‘s crew during the Pacific War.
2005 Finland
Framom främsta linjen aka “Beyond Enemy Lines) Åke Lindman The hostilities between Soviet Russia and Finland between 1941-1944. Also known as theContinuation War.
2006 Estonia Sinimäed Raimo Jõerand Battle of the Tannenberg Line.
2006 China Tokyo Trial Gao Qunshu Story of Chinese Justice, Mei Ru-ao, in an International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE) Tokyo Trials.
2006 United States Flags of Our Fathers Clint Eastwood The Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of American soldiers.
2006 France
Days of Glory Rachid Bouchareb The stories of four North African men who enlist in the French army to liberate France.
2006 Australia Kokoda Alister Grierson Chronicles the events that transpired during the Kokoda Track Campaign.
2006 United States Letters from Iwo Jima Clint Eastwood The Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of Japanese soldiers.
2006 Russia Svolochi Aleksandr Atanesyan A group of teenage convicts are sent on a dangerous guerrilla mission.
2006 Netherlands
United Kingdom
Zwartboek Paul Verhoeven A heart-wrenching story of a young Jewish woman who joins the Dutch Resistance & becomes entangled in a deadly web of collaboration & betrayal in the final months of World War II.
2006 Germany The Last Train Dana VávrováJoseph Vilsmaier The harrowing story of 688 Jews who are packed onto a cattle train bound for Auschwitzconcentration camp in 1943.
2007 Estonia Ühe metsa pojad Ats Surva Battles in Southern Estonia in August 1944.
2007 United States American Pastime Desmond Nakano Love, jazz music & baseball all collide at the Topaz, Utah Internment camp.
2007 United Kingdom Atonement Joe Wright Dunkirk.
2007 Poland Katyń Andrzej Wajda The mass execution of Polish military officers, POWs & civilians by the Soviets in 1940. See also: the Katyń massacre.
2007 Taiwan Lust, Caution Ang Lee An espionage thriller set in Shanghai during World War II.
2007 Austria The Counterfeiters Stefan Ruzowitzky Operation Bernhard.
2007 Finland Tali Ihantala 1944 Åke Lindman, Sakari Kirjavainen Battles of the Continuation War.
2008 Estonia Tuulepealne maa (TV) Ain Prosa The story of Estonian people from World War I until the end of World War II.
2008 United States Miracle at St. Anna Spike Lee Sant’Anna di Stazzema massacre.
2008 Denmark Flammen og Citronen (aka “The Flame & The Lemon) Ole Christian Madsen Two members (Bent & Joergen, aka Flame & Lemons) of the Holger Danske (resistance group) are sent on a dangerous mission to assassinate Nazi and Danish collaborators.
2008 France
United Kingdom
Les Femmes De L’Ombre (aka “Female Agents) Jean-Paul Salomé Five female SOE agents are parachuted into occupied France to assassinate German Col. Karl Heindrich (head of counter-intelligence) & to rescue a British geologist in possession of valuable information concerning the D-Day invasion.
2008 United States
United Kingdom
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Mark Herman The Holocaust witnessed through the innocent eyes of two eight year old boys. The first, Bruno, son of a Nazi officer & commandant of a death camp & the second, Shmuel, a Jewish boy who is interned there. A truly remarkable story of a forbidden friendship & its devastating consequences.
2008 United States Defiance Edward Zwick Bielski partisans.
2008 Netherlands Oorlogswinter (Winter In Wartime) Martin Koolhoven A young boy becomes involved in the Dutch Resistance during the last winter of World War II.
2008 Norway


Max Manus Joachim Rønning

Espen Sandberg

The story of Max Manus, a Norwegian resistance member fighting Nazi occupation of Norway.
2008 United States Valkyrie Bryan Singer July 20 Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II.
2008 Australia Australia Baz Luhrmann the first attack on Darwin.
2009 China City of Life and Death Lu Chuan Nanking Massacre.
2009 France L’Armée du crime Robert Guédiguian Manouchian resistance group and l’Affiche Rouge.
2009 United States Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino Still in production.
2009 United States Little Iron Men Jesse Kobayashi Rescue of the Lost Battalion by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
200X United States
New Zealand
Dambusters Christian Rivers Operation Chastise.


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
2010 United States The Book Thief TBA Life in Germany0
201X Estonia Nemad Ilmar Raag They; Battle of the Tannenberg Line.

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