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Britney Spears Attends Cousin’s Wedding in Louisiana

After playing with the kids in the Bahamas the day before, Britney Spears emerged on Saturday afternoon in Amite, La., for a nice, low-key appearance as an “honorary” bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Laura Lynne Covington.

“When her brother (Bryan Spears) walked her down the aisle, she looked stunningly calm and beautiful,” says one wedding guest. “She was very pretty, low-key. She was not the center of everything, just pretty and calm and collected.”

The wedding took place at the same church where the funeral for Covington’s mother Sandra, who died of ovarian cancer, was held in January 2007.

Some may recall Britney attending the funeral with then-beau Isaac Cohen.

Look, Mommy!

After a brief Bahamas beach vacation, Britney Spears, Jayden James and the rest of the singer’s posse rolled to Louisiana for her cousin Laura Lynne’s wedding.

Later, at the reception, the pop star hung out with her little sister and fellow bridesmaid, Jamie Lynn Spears, who toted baby Maddie Briann, and “sat at a table off to the side and visited with local people she knew,” says the guest.

“There was no fanfare,” noted the guest. “With all the star power Britney Spears and her family command, it was still the bride’s day.”

Britney kicks off the European leg of her Circus tour in June.

Here’s a photo to prove it!

Brit and Jayden

Britney Spears, papa Jamie and son Jayden James go tubing.

Enjoying activities like water rides and interacting with marine life, Team Britney is relaxing while preparing to embark on the European leg of her Circus tour.

Click to enlarge more Britney Spears pictures below to see the singer, her dad, her two cute sons, her agent and possible lover, and other assistant types soaking up the sun and everything that the world-famous resort has to offer …

Britney Spears Gets Very WetBritney and Boyfriend?Inner Tube TimeA Jayden James Federline PicWater Slide FunBritney, Sean, Jayden and JasonBritney Spears and a DolphinBritney in a Bikini

[Photo Credits: BritneySpears.com]


Britney Spears: On Our Radar

With a hugely successful world tour, 50 million in career albums sold, and a personal life that never stops sparking gossip (even when it’s just about her bikini pictures from the Bahamas), Britney Spears is on everyone’s radar.

It’s only fitting, then, that the title of her newest single from Circus is titled “Radar.”

The star’s official site released the cover art for the new single yesterday …

Britney Spears: Radar Cover

Among the lyrical gems in the new single: Confidence is a must / Cockiness is a plus / Edginess is a rush / Edges (I like ’em rough) … Interesting sense of style / Ten million dollar smile / Think I cant handle that / Animal in the sack.

Some lucky guy is on Britney’s radar. Could it be Jason Trawick?

Either way, we’re excited for the single’s release, and for the European leg of the Circus tour to get underway soon. We really miss seeing her in costume every night, and documenting the various wardrobe malfunctions that take place.

Britney Spears Bikini Pics, Cute Kid Pics Galore!

Yowza! Britney Spears showed off her fit bikini body while on vacation in The Bahamas with her dad, kids and agent Jason Trawick on Wednesday.

“Nothing better than a day at the beach with my family!” she Twittered.

Good to see Britney getting some good relaxation in before beginning the European leg of her massively successful Circus tour extravaganza underway.

Here’s the pop superstar hitting the beach, and looking amazing …

A Britney Spears Bikini Pic

In addition to looking hot in bikini, the 27-year-old spent time building sand castles with her adorable sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, and hung out with her father, Jamie, her brother, Bryan Spears, and her agent, Jason Trawick.

While the romance rumors involving Britney and Jason continue to surface, all we can say for sure is that the star sure looks happy in the pictures below.

Click to enlarge lots of photos of a bikini-clad Britney with Jason, Sean Preston and Jayden James, enjoying some fun in the sun in the Bahamas …

Britney Bikini PhotoWeeeeeeee!Jason Trawick, Jayden JamesTaking the PlungeJayden James and MomBritney Bikini ShotLook, Mommy!Britney and Jason TrawickBritney From the BackBritney, Sean and Jayden PicBritney, Jason Trawick and Jayden James

Britney Spears Sued By Former Bodyguard

Britney Spears’ ginormous expense report just got even bigger after a former bodyguard filed a lawsuit against the pop star and comeback queen.

Kerry Vine claims that he sustained physical injuries while working at the superstar’s former home at the Summit in Beverly Hills in March 2008.

“Advanced Security Concepts … negligently operated their business thereby causing injuries to [Kerry Vine] who worked for [Britney Spears] at the time,” Vine’s attorney, Charles Swain, wrote in his declaration of intent to sue.

“[Britney Spears] breached that duty of care to the plaintiff by failing to ensure that he could safely perform duties that he was ordered to perform.”

Tired Britney Spears

If we had to juggle 10 lawsuits a week, we’d look this dazed too.

Britney Spears is thus being sued for personal injury, battery negligence for which the bodyguard claims he suffered lost wages, medical and hospital costs, loss of personal property and earning capacity. A hearing is set for September 2.

So what happened? According to TMZ, a source involved in the situation says that Vine worked at Britney’s home a grand total of three days. On the last day of that brief tenure, he volunteered to move a small table with a few other guys.

He called in sick the next day, complaining of shoulder pain. He’s been on worker’s comp ever since moving that pesky table … a year ago.

Britney Spears: Relaxed, in Normal Clothes

Enjoying some down time and a rare break from her traveling S&M show, Britney Spears make a trip to Starbucks in Malibu looking beautiful and natural as ever.

The US leg of The Circus Starring Britney Spears is in the books, giving her a few weeks to relax before she takes the show to Europe, starting in London June 3.

Should give her plenty of time to stock up on pork rinds, pick up a couple of contraband prepaid cellphones, and drive around L.A. aimlessly with Jason Trawick.

Here’s Britney with little or no makeup, and in a springy dress. Man, when you get her outside the big show, the ring leader looks like a surprisingly normal girl:

Britney Spears: No MakeupBritney Spears

A fit-looking Britney Spears hits up her home away from home – Starbucks – while enjoying some time in California before her Circus tour resumes in Europe.

When the tour resumes, she’ll be bringing her sons and ex-husband Kevin Federline along, so she won’t have to worry about missing Sean Preston and Jayden James.

If she even remembers who they are, that is.

While she continues to rack up insane expenses and it seems like one legal squabble after another surrounds her daily life, Spears does seem reasonably happy and even stable lately. Those pharmacuetical companies make wonderful things.

Bank of Britney Spears Transaction Details

Britney Spears’ conservatorship filed legal papers detailing her finances down to the last penny. And according to TMZ, there is, um, no shortage of pennies.

From March to December of 2008, Britney spent $447,633.69 … on security alone. Six months of household repairs and maintenance? A paltry $49,387.22.

Britney also spent $625,000.00 to pay lawyers … for Kevin Federline. A judge ordered this as a result of court proceedings stemming from her behavior.

In the documents, these payments are listed as “Federline Fees.” They do not include legal fees paid to her own lawyers, estimated at over a million.

Strip Club PicBritney Live Pic

Britney Spears certainly has a lot of expenses to pay these days. Good thing her worldwide striptease / S&M show has been doing quite well at least.

Despite reports that he wants a raise from Brit, K-Fed is rakin’ in good coin from her as it is, grabbing $178,818.00 from March-December in child support.

Britney Spears’ grand total of expenses between February, when the conservatorship was set up after she went bat$h!t, and December: $10,116,678.23.

At a certain point, what’s another $3,400.00 on that pile? Not a lot. Brit definitely felt the Christmas spirit when she spent that much just to hang lights.

Britney Spears Leeches Want Trial By Jury

The lawyer who tried to torpedo the conservatorship of Britney Spears’ dad, and claims the singer herself enlisted him to do this, has just filed legal papers, contesting the restraining order issued against him and asking for a new trial.

Only this time, Jon Eardley, wants a jury to rule on the matter.

Eardley, along with Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, are now bound by restraining orders after the conservators convinced a judge they were harassing Britney and her family. None of them can contact the star in any way before April 2012.

But the attorney says a jury should have made that decision and wants a new trial. Jon Eardley failed in his previous attempt to get Britney on the stand, as a judge ruled she lacked the capacity to testify in the restraining order case.

Britney Spears

Does Britney Spears want to be free of her dad’s rule?

Accounts of Britney’s role in trying to oust the conservatorship vary. She has not said anything on the record, of course, as that would require her dad’s approval, as would everything she does. But she is certainly on a tight leash.

Earlier this month, one of the singer’s most popular fan sites, BreatheHeavy.com, also felt the wrath of the conservatorship after criticizing Jamie Spears.

Sam Lutfi, who is battling the conservatorship over this and other legal issues, has also stated he did nothing wrong and that Britney initiated contact.

Britney Spears-Jason Trawick Rumors Reignite!

Back home in California before heading off to Europe with the Circus next month, Britney Spears was spotted with her agent, Jason Trawick, over the weekend.

The couple were seen riding, alone, in her white Mercedes. The pair just drove around Los Angeles for two hours straight, without even a stop for food or gas.

Two hours straight? Are these two an item again? Were they ever? All we know is that every few months, this same rumored relationship seems to pop up.

Here are some photos of them together – not from this week’s driving adventure (follow the link to see those) – that have sparked such gossip in the past:

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears PicJason Trawick and Britney Spears Photo

While it’s possible they were just driving aimlessly around LA talking biz – we have done so and have far less interesting lives – but isn’t that a bit strange for Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, who have twice been linked romantically?

Is it possible they wanted to spend time together and not worry about being seen or overheard? Were they (unsuccessfully) looking for a place to shack up?

Whatever the case may be, Jason Trawick appears to be a decent guy, and a good influence on Britney. And no matter what, he’s no Osama Lutfi. Nice.

Britney Spears Fan Site Ready to Fight Conservatorship

Whoever imagined Jordan Miller, who started a Britney Spears fan site while a high school sophomore in 2004, would one day receive half a million visits a day?

Whoever imagined Miller, now a typical college student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, would be threatened with legal action by her dad, Jamie Spears?

Miller’s world was turned upside-down last fall after he received an angry phone call from the pop star’s father-guardian, accusing him of copyright violations.

“I’m working my ass off to report on this girl,” Miller said.

In February 2008, after Britney Spears was forced into a treatment program for bipolar disorder, Jamie Spears was awarded conservatorship, giving him the authority to make legal, financial and medical decisions on behalf of his daughter.

Miller posted several blogs begging for Britney to be “freed.”

Baby-Faced BritneyJamie Lynn Spears: The Rumors Are True

One fan site creator’s opinions on Britney and posting of stories about Jamie Lynn Spears apparently have not gone over well with the stars’ father and chief handler.

He also posted about a magazine story that suggested Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was expecting her second child. Then his cell phone rang.

Miller said Jamie Spears told him, “I am going to destroy your ass.”

“I was really freaking out for a good three or four weeks,” Miller said. “Lately, I’ve been doing my own thing. I just kind of want to keep it going.”

Each day, Miller scans the Internet for stories about Britney Spears, posts them on his site, BreatheHeavy.com, and adds his own comments. He encourages her fans to send him Circus tour photos or updates regarding her.

Miller said the site keeps him busy, but it is not as demanding now as it was when the troubled, out-of-control singer was shaving her head, bashing vehicles with an umbrella, being photographed without no underwear, and so on.

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Adnan Has Britney Sex Tape

Adnan Has Britney Sex Tape


Adnan Has Britney Sex Tape
Adnan Ghalib has confirmed that he owns a sex tape featuring himself and the pop-princess Britney Spears.

The singer’s ex-boyfriend is ready to sell the tape for a right price.

He told Heat magazine, “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

Ghalib added, “I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”


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Anna Kounikova Bikini Wallpapers Collection


Anna Kounikova Bikini Wallpapers Collection

Anna Kounikova Anna Kounikova in White Bikini Wallpaper
Anna Kounikova
Anna Kounikova Tatooed pics in different occasion
Anna Kounikova
Anna Kounikova in Silver bikini pics
Anna Kounikova
Anna Kounikova tatooed vissible of white bikini
Anna Kounikova

Anna Kounikova
yellow bikini clevage vissible


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Keira Knightley Glamour Spain May 2009

Keira Knightley Glamour Spain May 2009

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley

Hollywood actress from UK Keira Knightley featured on Glamour magazine Spain for the month of May 2009.

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Freida Pinto Cosmopolitan Russia June 2009

Freida Pinto
was an Elite Model from 2005 to 2008 and got her huge break with Slumdog Millionaire through the agency. Freida featured in the Elite Calendar in 2007 and 2008.

Since 2005, the agency has produced a calendar each year, which has been shot by the best photographers in the country and styled aesthetically to highlight the agency’s talent pool.

Freida Pinto Cosmopolitan Russia June 2009

Freida Pinto Cosmopolitan Russia June 2009
Bollywood actress Freida Pinto
graces the cover page of Cosmopolitan Russia for the month of June 2009.


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